• Have you ever suffered from emotional pains or physical ailments that you so badly wanted to heal from? Did your beliefs, fears, wounds ever limit your life? Did any emotional or physical health issue ever control you?
  • Have you ever felt unfulfilled in your relationships? Did you ever give your power away to someone or something in your life?
  • Have you ever blocked your success in your career with procrastination? Has perfectionism ever blocked you from moving forward?
  • Have you ever felt like you were the only one getting in your own way of attracting financial gains? Are you tired of playing small and hiding your gifts?

I choose to listen to my inner voice and make changes, not excuses..
I choose to nurture myself and be happy, not self pity..
I am open and ready to attract ABUNDANCE with ease into my life…

Brandon Bays
International Best Selling Author of The Journey & Freedom Is

brandon final

Navolina has found freedom and liberation through Journeywork!

When I first met Navolina she was very shy, reclusive and lacked the confidence to really speak up and ask for what she wanted. She used her mind to protect herself, constantly seeking knowledge and driven to ask endless questions in an attempt to gain a feeling of safety and security.

Like a caterpillar emerging from its chrysalis as a butterfly, Navolina through Journeywork has undergone a fundamental transformation to reveal the truth, beauty and potential that she has always been.

No longer needing to rely on medication for panic attacks and a reduction in dosage for hypertension, Navolina is a living testament to the power of forgiveness of the self and others to allow healing into all areas of life.

She is a brilliant therapist having used the work first to heal her own life and now dedicates her life to facilitating healing in others so they too can uncover and clear any blocks, limitations and beliefs holding them back from living as a true expression of the potential they are.

I am a business owner who lives in South Africa. I was fortunate enough to meet Navolina and work with her. I would absolutely recommend Navolina to assist a person in any emotional or physical disturbance issue. Navolina is fully capable of supporting an individual’s healing in both of these spaces which are of course connected. My personal experience with her was truly a blessing. In my instance we worked more specifically in the emotional space.

She is such a gentle and comforting coach that I felt completely safe with her. She is highly skilled and intuitive and she guided me brilliantly to my own healing. The resolution I gained from the session has been truly profound in my life. I feel the issue is completely resolved and I am free to be myself and be available to life in a way I would not have been able to before working with Navolina.

Navolina is a truly gifted coach who can take your hand and walk with you until you walk into your own complete, true, healed self.

Dani – Entrepreneur, Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank you so much Navolina for the loving and patient way you guided me through some very significant emotional processes.

In my life I was confronted with a lot of anxiety lately; a serious illness, not being able to work, and a divorce. Which led to many confronting emotional issues. With the work we did you truly helped me to take a deep and sincere look at these issues.

I still remember some of the issues that blocked me in my daily wellbeing: anxiety, fear, loneliness, abandoned. Just to name a few. With guided processes we worked on these issues and cleared them.

Now, some time later I am happy to tell you that I feel a lot better because of the work we did. Once again I am now able to meet my emotional issues eye to eye and able to accept my emotions. Which of course results in a happier and more balanced life.

So once more, thank you for your help. These processes have been hugely beneficial to me. Big Hug.

Jos – Business Analyst, Zierikzee, Netherlands